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Did you miss boys tryouts? Contact Mike Zarate 561-351-4270

1) USA Volleyball membership click HERE

*the cost of the membershp is $55 but will be refunded by the Florida Region if your son decides not to participate in club volleyball
2) Medical Release form click HERE

*print and fill out form- a notary will be provided at the tryout if you cannot get it notarized
3) Pay for tryout fee click HERE
*the cost of the tryout is $30 you can pay with credit card here or cash or check at the tryout


Ocean Breeze 18 Quiksilver - 18 NATIONAL
Ocean Breeze 17 Quiksilver - 17 OPEN
Ocean Bay 18 Quiksilver - 18 OPEN
Ocean Bay 17 Quiksilver - 17 OPEN
Ocean Bay 16 Quiksilver - 16 OPEN


Penn State Head Coach Mark Pavlik running clinic for Ocean Bay!

Penn State Head Coach Mark Pavlik is coming to Florida!  Stay tuned for more on how to sign up for his clinic!
Date - Sunday May 22, 2016
Location - ORLANDO (TBA)
Time - TBA

Congratulations to the OBV athletes that made High performance camps!

JT Martin - USA Youth National Team
James Hartley - USA Select A1
Kyle Franklin - USA A2 & Team FL
John Choo Chew - Team FL
Austin Cinci - Team FL
Jace Max - Team FL
Cody Hays - Team FL
& USA Select A2
Garth Verdeflor - USA JNT A1 Alt

Marc Moody - USA Youth A1
David Maish - USA Youth A3 & Team FL
Danny Hermida - Team FL
Christian Viera - Team FL
Trevor Kennan - Team FL
Michael Valenzi - Team FL
Paige Barash - Team FL
Caleb Blazer - USA JNT A1 alt

Richie Diedrich - USA JNT Alt
Diego Villafane - USA Youth A3 & Team FL
Tanner Buis - Team FL
Garrett Peterson - Team FL
Andre Rodriguez - Team FL
Otto Rapp - Team FL
Dylan Ryan - Team FL & USA Youth A3

Ocean Breeze and Ocean Bay NEWS!

    Practices and Events

    • May
    • 1
    FL Regional BID tournament (15Q/16Q)
    • May
    • 1
    Girls USAV Nationals (18s)
    • May
    • 1
    Fl Regionals (NON-BID) Tournament (16R/15R/14Q/14R)
    • May
    • 2
    Girls practice 14Q/Boys Practice 14s
    • May
    • 2
    Girls Practice 15Q/17Q

    Girls Upcoming tournament info

    Tournament Pictures

    Girls Nationals - 18 Quiksilver
    April 29 - May 1

    Regionals / Regional Bid tournament
    April 29-May 1

    Quick links

    Florida Region ranking report

    As of Jan 28, 2016

    AES National ranking

    Girls and Boys rankings

    Pay for all fees (girls or boys)

    click here to pay with Visa or MC

    Pay for girls monthly fees

    click here to pay with Visa or MC

    USA Volleyball membership

    click here to renew a USA Volleyball membership

    Medical release form

    all athletes must fill out and get notarized

    AAU membership renewal

    OBV club code - WW9AWY


    • May
    • 1
    Girls USAV Nationals (18s)
    • May
    • 14
    MOJO tournament (BOYS)

    Pic of the week

    Recruiting Information - Videos and contact info

    Congratulations to our committed athletes!

    Christine Jarman  Alabama

    Brianna Bruny

    Domanik Stratford
    Cal State Northridge

    Aya Thegenus
    East Tennessee

    Matt Corrales

    Richie Diedrich

    Kyle Bruder   
    University of Illinois

    Sara Duque
    University of Miami

    Kassie Akouri - Tejedor
    Long Island

    Alexi Deane 
    Coast Guard

    Caleb Blazer
    Grand Canyon

    Tyler Doyle

    Daniella Molinari
    Cal State Northridge

    Samanta Arenas

    Carson Kahle

    Caroline Rapp

    Luke Allmond

    Brooke Pumo
    Santa Barbara City College

    Cassidy Fisher

    OBV and Florida Region

    "We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball.  As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease.  Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080."