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Welcome to the Ocean Breeze and Ocean Bay Volleyball Club page!!

Ocean Breeze and Ocean Bay Accomplishments -

  1. OBV has qualified more teams in the OPEN division for USAV Nationals than any other club in South Florida
  2. More than 75 athletes from OBV have gone off to play in college
  3. More athletes from OBV play for USA High Performance teams than any other club in South Florida
  4. Over 25 High School Players of the Year have come from OBV
  5. Over 10 AAU National Championships from OBV

Girls Club Information

Ages 15-18 (High School ages) will tryout out now, middle school and younger will tryout in October.  Middle school training will start in August. Clinics for High Schoolers will start in August on Sundays (Additional cost for non-OBV athletes)

Message from our Club Director

Hello Parents and Athletes!
Congratulations again to our 15/17/18 Quiksilver teams qualifying for USAV Nationals this past season!  We had the ONLY 17s team in South Florida that qualified in the OPEN division!!  With girls' club tryouts starting so early this year, we will continue to have open tryouts throughout Aug-Nov to build additional teams or add to existing teams if players are needed.  We know there are many of you that are still on vacations, while many of you did not realize tryouts are occurring this early.  Our tryouts for the 14 and under age groups will occur in October.  Here is what we are doing starting in August -
1) Positional training on Sundays for HS athletes starting in August (included in price for OBV athletes, extra for non OBV athletes)
2) Middle school training starting in August $500 for 5 months 2x a week.
As more information becomes available including tournament schedule and practice info, it will be posted online!  Looking forward to seeing you and have a good rest of the summer!

Mike Zarate


contact Mike Zarate 561-351-4270 to schedule makeup tryout

needed for tryouts -

2) AAU membership

OBV club code - WW9AWY

3) Pay for tryouts ($25) or registration $600

click here to pay with Visa or MC

4) Copy of birth certificate

Boys Club Info

Boys (ALL AGES) start training in August!  Tryouts to form teams will be in October

Message from our Club Director

Hello Parents and Athletes!
Hope you all have had a good couple weeks off. Congrats again to all the teams at Nationals and another successful season! I wanted to share information with you on Ocean Bay and the fall season.  I had the privilege to work with the USA High Performance Program again last week alongside some of the top Division 1/2/3 Naia coaches and they had very nice things to say about our athletes!  I am excited to announce that the Stanford coach (Ken Shibuya) is making plans to do a clinic for our boys either in Nov/Dec and the Long Beach State (Alan Knipe) and Penn State (Mark Pavlik) coaches are planning on coming in May!  What an opportunity to host these outstanding coaches in Florida!  As for the fall season, we are going to start TRAINING in August.  I've planned something a little different to help our athletes become even better volleyball players.  We will have normal training 1 day during the week, but then on the weekend we will do positional AND combined training (for our HS aged athletes).  For example, setters and hitters will spend more time doing training specifially for their position and then will be grouped back together to focus more on hitting and passing and other team concept training.  It is important your sons attend ALL the training to not miss anything.  We will be implementing a faster offensive system to keep up with the California competition, but this will only happen after our serving and passing improves, which in turn helps our setting and hitting!  Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Mike Zarate

Needed to train

Medical Release form

All athletes must fill out the 2016-2017 med release form

AAU membership

OBV club code - WW9AWY

USA Volleyball membership

click here to renew a USA Volleyball membership *note if you have a current membership it will expire end of September. Renew is October. If you DO NOT have a current membership do not purchase one until October 1

Ocean Breeze and Ocean Bay NEWS!

    Quick links

    Pay for all fees (girls or boys)

    click here to pay with Visa or MC

    USA Volleyball membership

    click here to renew a USA Volleyball membership

    AAU membership renewal

    OBV club code - WW9AWY

    Pic of the week

    Ocean Bay 18 Quiksilver finishing 5th in OPEN!

    Recruiting Information - Videos and contact info

    Congratulations to our committed athletes!

    Christine Jarman  Alabama

    Brianna Bruny

    Richie Diedrich

    Aya Thegenus
    East Tennessee

    Matt Corrales

    Domanik Stratford
    Cal State Northridge

    Brad Marrero
    Webber University

    Kyle Bruder   
    University of Illinois

    Sara Duque
    University of Miami

    Kassie Akouri - Tejedor
    Long Island

    Alexi Deane 
    Coast Guard

    Caleb Blazer
    Grand Canyon

    Tyler Doyle

    Mason Francis
    Lees McRae University

    Daniella Molinari
    Cal State Northridge

    Samanta Arenas

    Ava Richards
    West Virginia

    Caroline Rapp

    Luke Allmond

    Carson Kahle

    Brooke Pumo
    Santa Barbara City College

    Cassidy Fisher

    OBV and Florida Region

    "We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball.  As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease.  Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080."