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16 Quiksilver RS Roster

# Name Position HEIGHT High School
4 Ithalo Souza Libero 5'8" West Boca
5 Simon Warticovschi Libero 5'6" Posnack
3 Arseniy Anisimov MB 6'7" Olympic Heights
1 Danny Mahon MB 6'0" Cardinal Gibbons
22 Thomas Supran MB 6'3" Suncoast
7 Cash Remington OH 6'2" Cardinal Gibbons
13 Aiden Rubino OH 6'1" Boca High
2 Gabriel Souza OH 5'10" Pompano
6 Francesco Yeats OH 6'2" Pompano
9 Sam Vinushkumar OPP 5'10
11 Michael Darland Setter 5'9" Naples HS
14 Octavio Daroch Setter 5'9" Cardinal Gibbons

For a list of ALL on uncommitted athletes click HERE

Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Head Coach

Phone: 561-859-5848

Mike Zarate

Mike Zarate

Club Director

Phone: 561-351-4270


The dates listed are the dates they PLAY - please arrive the day before

click HERE for detailed tournament info, click HERE for directions to the tournament location
HERE for hotel info

October 2023-January 2024

Date Tournament Division Location Result
Oct 28-29 OG/WP 16 Open Winter Park, FL 3rd
Nov 11-13 Chi-Town Challenge 16 Open Chicago, IL 34th
Nov 18-19 Orlando Gold 17 Open Longwood, FL 7th
Dec 8-10 SoCal Cup 16 Open Los Angeles, CA 21st
Dec 16-17 OBV/MU 16 Open Deerfield Beach, FL 5th
Jan 26-28 Florida Fest 16 Open Fort Lauderdale, FL 4th

May-July 2024

Date Tournament Division Location Result
May 25-26 WP 16 Open Winter Park, FL
June 1-2 Regionals 16s Ocala, FL
June 14-16 SoCal Cup 16 Open Los Angeles, CA
June 30-July 3 AAU Nationals 16 Open Orlando, FL


  • This team has a set tournament schedule
  • To play on this team you cannot choose which tournaments to PAY for - you pay for all tournaments listed even if you do not attend
  • All fees including jersey package, training fees are added up and dividing into payments (LISTED BELOW) 
  • If you are "TRAINING ONLY" you only pay $250/month
  • If you only want to pay for jerseys and shorts (mandatory if playing in tournaments) subtract the other items from the total August payment

16 Quiksilver RS News

May-July 2024 fees

May $250
June $250
TOTAL $500
WP May 25-26 $125
Regionals June 1-2 $175
CA June 14-16 $375
AAU Nationals $425
TOTAL $1100
TOTAL for spring/summer $1600
Feb $320
March $320
April $320
May $320
June $320

For August 2023-January 2024 fees
HERE to see breakdown of fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does my son get to tournaments?
A. The parent is responsible for getting their sons to the tournaments or arranging it with another parent.

Q. When will we know what time we play on the first day of the tournament?
A. Typically pool play is announced the Wednesday before the tournament starts.

Q. Do all the teams play every day of the tournament?
A. Yes.  No matter how you  do all teams play the last day of the tournament.  The last day is usually play until you lose.

Q. Where are the tournament locations?
A. All tournament locations are posted on the 'Directions' tab of the OBV website.

Q. What time does my son need to arrive at the tournament?
A. Coaches usually ask that players arrive 1.5 hours before they first play and 1 hour before they ref.

Q. Do we need to stay in the team hotel?
A. YES if the tournament has a "stay and play" policy (all QUALIFIERS and some tournaments) and/or if your son does not have adult supervision. 

Q. If the tournament is out of state do we need to use the same flight as the coach?
A. If your son is travelling alone he needs to be either on a flight with the coaches or another adult.