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Please read directions below from the Florida Region

As of December 2, 2020 the Junior Player Officiating online training courses that are required for all Junior athletes have been loaded onto the DASHBOARD of each Junior player in the USAV Academy. These courses should be completed by all athletes before their first tournament. After January 1, 2021 it will be required that the person performing that duty at a tournament (R2, Scorer, LJ or Liber Tracker) will have completed the course for that duty. During the month of December, if a team is playing, it is recommended that those who will officiate when their team is in a tournament be familiar with the duty they are performing - i.e. the scorer should be someone who has experience keeping score, even if they haven't completed the courses yet for this season.

To access the courses, follow the instructions below.

To login to your USAV Academy Account:

  • Follow this link and login to your SportsEngine account
  • Click on Household, then select the correct Junior player
  • Click on the “View Details” on the USA Volleyball membership card , then click the USAV Academy button

The courses will appear on the DASHBOARD when you sign in. You should see your courses there. The courses are:

FL21_101 Junior Line Judge Training

FL21_102 Junior Libero Tracker Training

FL21_103 Junior Scorer Training

FL21_104 Junior Second Referee Training

Complete all of the modules in each course. Please use Google Chrome as your browser. Chrome has proven to be the most stable and reliable when taking the courses in the USAV Academy.

If you have any issues during the training, please fill out a help ticket at

For additional information, please visit the region website at

For coaches, you may access the training modules for coaches by signing in to the USAV Academy as noted above. Once you have reached your DASHBOARD, click on the CONTENT LIBRARY on the left side of the page. Then click on the course FL21_150 Tournament Officiating Team Instructions for Coaches. Then you can complete the courses.

Thank you and have a great season!


Michele Moriarty

Registrar/Sr. Business Manager


Florida Region of USA Volleyball, Inc.

15010 US Highway 441

Eustis, FL 32726

T: (352) 742-0080